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21st International Shock Interaction Symposium

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The Ioffe Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, in co-operation with the University of Latvia, welcomes you to attend the 21st International Shock Interaction Symposium. The Symposium will be held in Latvia, from August 3 till August 8, 2014

With the close neighborhood of Riga and St.Petersburg, the Ioffe Institute and the University of Latvia enjoy a long-term scientific cooperation. This time we join our efforts to arrange a fruitfull and enjoyable symposium for shock interaction researchers.

The symposium management agency is University of Latvia Real Estate Foundation (LUNIA)


26.09.2014: The email account isis21@mail.ioffe.ru is discarded. If you want to contact us regarding ISIS-21 please address

26.06.2014: The book of proceedings of ISIS-21 is available in printed and electronic form. (ISBN 978-9934-517-57-0, 270 pages, A4 size). The book can be ordered by email:

21.08.2014: ISIS-21 picture gallery is set up online. Link to the gallery webpage has been sent to the participants by email.

09.08.2014: ISIS-21 is over. Thank you, everybody, who took part in the symposium! In formation concerning Shock Wave journal special issue, dedicated to the papers presented at ISIS-21, will be sent to the participants by email.

27.06.2014: General Program of the Symposium and Program of the Symposium's scientific sessions are posted on web site. Also the page with maps is updated to show the important places for the first day of ISIS-21. Participants are encouraged to study this map and have it at hand when arriving to Riga. Information about the symposium's social program is also available at the correspondent page.

12.02.2014: The information is available on the participation costs (registration plus accommodation during the symposium). Also the information is given about accommodation in Riga before/after the symposium.



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