The conferences in this series are currently held every two years. Their goal is to provide a forum at which researchers studying defects in semiconductors could share their most recent findings with colleagues and thereby would advance the understanding in this technologically and scientifically important field.

The previous conference (ICDS-24) of the series was held on July 2007 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.


The conference will address the following current problems of basic and applied research: point and extended defects in semiconductors, among them native defects; shallow and deep impurities, including magnetic impurities and impurity- related complexes. Together with defects in bulk materials, those in low-dimensional and nanoscale structures and oxide layers will be considered. The range of materials of active interest will cover not only elementary and compound semiconductors, but also those of organic and magnetic types.


  • Defects in diamond, Si, Ge, SiGe, and SiC
  • Defects in compound semiconductors
  • Magnetic impurities
  • Defects in organic semiconductors
  • Microscopic studies of defects
  • Positrons and muons in defect studies
  • Defects at interfaces
  • Defects in nanostructures and devices
  • Defect engineering
  • Spintronics and photovoltaics


The official conference language is English.
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