Abstract Submission

Abstracts of contributed papers should be submitted by March 10, 2009 through On-line Form (closed) under the name of principal author — the author who intends to participate in the conference and has been preliminarily registered via Conference On-Line Services (closed). All the further correspondence concerning the paper will be carried on just with this author.

Invited speakers and applicants for the Corbett Award should also submit their abstracts by March 10, 2009.

The abstract should not contain any figures, tables and equations.

The submission form contains a set of input fields:

  • Preferred type of presentation
  • Title
  • Body
  • Section
  • Corresponding e-mail
  • Keywords

      including separate fields for each author:

  • Family name
  • Initials
  • Organization (Institution)

The length of the abstract printed in the style accepted for the conference should not exceed one page. When inputting the text, the author can view the final layout and make necessary changes, including a decrease in the length of the text introduced into the Body field. The system also enables the authors to replace the abstract till the closure date of abstract submission — March 10, 2009.

Fields-filling rules

Preferred presentation
The author should specify which type of presentation (oral or poster) he/she prefers.

The text can be introduced either directly, or by copy-pasting from other documents, with the special button used for copying from MS Word files. In addition, it is possible to input special symbols and fonts directly into the field of the form. The text must not contain quotation marks and also horizontal and vertical indentations.

See rules for Title. References are designated as [1], [2] in the text, and as
[1] I.A. Ivanov, Phys. Rev. B52, 111111 (2009)
[2] P.M. Petrov, Nature 777, 123 (2010)
in the list of references.

Chosen from the pull-down list.

Corresponding e-mail
The introduced e-mail may not coincide with the author's e-mail specified in registration. It will not be used for correspondence in the course of conference preparation, but just this e-mail will be indicated in printed abstract.

The number of keywords should be at least 2 and at most 5. Commas should be used for item separation.

All authors are introduced in a desired order. Each of them may be affiliated with more than one institution (up to 3). Only the presumed conference participant (principal author) can be indicated as presenting author.

(c) 2007-2009, Ioffe Institute, ICDS-25