Ioffe Institute International Conference
Physics of Neutron Stars - 2011
July 11-15, 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Summary of the Program
July 11, Monday July 12, Tuesday July 13, Wednesday July 14, Thursday July 15, Friday
09:15  Opening EOS, structure, evolution
Rotation powered pulsars Magnetars 09:00  Yakovlev LMXB Accretion powered pulsars
09:30  Harding 09:00  Beloborodov 09:40  Shternin 09:00  Revnivtsev 09:00  Patruno
10:10  Pavlov 09:40  Hermsen 10:10  Postnikov 09:40  Sunyaev 09:40  Postnov
10:40  Beskin 10:20  Kaspi 10:30  Oertel 10:20  Wijnands
11:10  break 10:50  break 10:50  break 10:40  break 10:20  break
11:40  Shibanov 11:20  Lai 11:20  Gusakov 11:10  van der Klis 11:10  Grebenev
12:00  Mereghetti 11:50  Turolla 11:40  Baiko 11:40  Degenaar 11:30  Romanova
12:20  Gonthier 12:10  Teplykh 12:00  Chugunov 12:00  Petri 12:10  Lovelace
12:40  Ng 12:30  Trümper 12:20  Novak 12:20  D'Ai 12:30  Kaur
13:00  Parfrey 12:50  Frederiks
13:20    Lunch 13:10    Lunch 12:40    Lunch 12:40    Lunch 12:50    Lunch
15:20  Contopoulos 15:10  Fernandez Excursion to the Hermitage.
Boat trip.
X-ray bursts Isolated neutron stars
16:00  Posselt 15:30  Suleimanov 14:40  Brown
15:50  Gabler 15:20  Chenevez 14:50  Heinke
16:10  D'Angelo 15:40  Linares 15:30  Kaplan
16:00  Zhang 16:10  Popov
16:20    break 16:30    break 16:20    break 16:30    break
Pulsar wind nebulae Supernovae   16:50  Poutanen 17:00  Potekhin
16:50  Kargaltsev 17:00  Janka 17:30  Boutloukos 17:40  Pires
17:30  Komissarov 17:40  Moiseenko 17:50  Majczyna 18:00  Kamble
18:10  Tanaka 18:10  Foglizzo 18:10    end
18:30    end 18:30    end 19:00    Dinner 18:20    Closing

Detailed program
[summary is above]

July 10, Sunday

19:00—22:00 — Welcome party

July 11, Monday
8:30 — Registration
9:15 — OPENING.   Dmitry Varshalovich (Ioffe Institute): Welcome from the organizers [Video (opening & the 1st talk) (124 MB)]

Chairman: Dong Lai
9:30 —  Alice Harding (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center): Gamma-ray pulsars in the Fermi Era [PDF (7.8 MB)] [Video (opening & the talk) (124 MB)]
10:10 —  George Pavlov (Pennsylvania State University): Recent NIR-optical-UV observations of pulsars [PDF (0.5 MB)] [Video (Part I) (54 MB)] [Video (Part II) (42 MB)]
10:40 —  Vasily Beskin & Alexander Philippov (Lebedev Physical Institute): On the mean profiles of radio pulsars [PDF (5.3 MB)] [Video (Part I) (68 MB)] [Video (Part II) (32 MB)]
11:10 —  Coffee/tea break
Chairman: Craig Heinke
11:40 —  Yuri Shibanov (Ioffe Institute): New identification of young Crab-like pulsars in the optical and infrared [PDF (2 MB)] [Video (60 MB)]
12:00 —  Sandro Mereghetti (INAF IASF Milano): X-ray and optical observations of the closest isolated radio pulsar [PDF (2.1 MB)]
12:20 —  Peter Louis Gonthier (Hope College, Holland): Population Synthesis of radio and gamma-ray pulsars in the Fermi era [PDF (6.4 MB)] [Video (65 MB)]
12:40 —  Chi-Yung Ng (McGill University, Montreal): Radio Polarization Measurements of the Longest Pulsar Trail G315.9-0.0 [PDF (1.4 MB)] [Video (57 MB)]
13:00 —  Kyle Parfrey (Columbia University, New York): Time-dependent simulations of force-free magnetospheres [PDF (14.7 MB)] [Video (57 MB)]
13:20 —  Lunch
Chairman: Vasily Beskin
15:20 —  Ioannis Contopoulos (Academy of Athens, Greece): Theory of the pulsar magnetosphere [Video (Part I) (67 MB)] [Video (Part II) (49 MB)]
16:00 —  Bettina Posselt (Pennsylvania State University): X-ray observations of old radio pulsars and the example of PSR B1451-68 [PDF (7.9 MB)] [Video (61 MB)]
16:20 —  Coffee/tea break
 •  Anatoli Tsygan (Ioffe Institute): The relation of the surface small scale magnetic field to braking indices and inclination angles of radio pulsars
 •  Denis Sobyanin (Lebedev Physical Institute): Formation of "lightnings" in an RRAT magnetosphere [PDF (254 KB)]
 •  Tatiana Smirnova (Pushchino Radioastronomy Observatory): Pulse intensity distribution of pulsar B0950+08
 •  Elena Nikitina (Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory): On the structure of pulsar magnetospheres
 •  Jerome Petri (Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg, France): A unified polar cap/striped wind model for pulsed radio and gamma-ray emission in pulsars [PDF (1.5 MB)]
 •  Shota Kisaka (Hiroshima University): Multi-wavelength emission region of gamma-ray emitting pulsars [PDF (1.7 MB)]
 •  Anton Biryukov (Sternberg Astronomical Institute): Monotonous and thousands-of-years cyclic components of isolated radio pulsars spindown
 •  Guojun Qiao (Peking University): Annular gap model for high-energy emission from normal and millisecond pulsars
 •  Carl Gwinn (University of California, Santa Barbara): Effects of intermittent emission: Noise and signal for scintillating pulsars noise
 •  Oleg Malov (Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory): Average pulse profiles at frequencies 102 and 111 MHz and spectra of radio pulsars
 •  Victor Kontorovich (Institute of Radio Astronomy, Kharkov): Radio emission with acceleration of electrons in a polar gap of a pulsar [PDF (0.9 MB)]
 •  Agnieszka Slowikowska (University Zielona Gora, Poland): Decomposition of polarization components of the Crab pulsar and its nebula
 •  Aleksei Medvedev (Oulu U.): X-ray luminosity function of rotation powered pulsars
 •  Ilknur Gezer (University of Ege, Turkey): Similarity of Jupiter and RRATs

Chairman: George Pavlov
16:50 —  Oleg Kargaltsev (University of Florida): Multiwavelength observations of pulsar wind nebulae [Video (Part I) (64 MB)] [Video (Part II) (32 MB)]
17:30 —  Sergei Komissarov (Leeds University): Theory and simulations of pulsar wind nebulae [Video (Part I) (64 MB)] [Video (Part II) (57 MB)]
18:10 —  Shuta Tanaka (Osaka University): Study of young pulsar wind nebulae and their pulsars with a spectral evolution model
18:30 —  End of the session
 •  Dmitry Zyuzin (Ioffe Institute): Near-IR imaging of the two pulsar wind nebulae: 3C58 and G292.0+1.8
 •  Oleg Kargaltsev (Florida State University): Pulsar-wind nebulae: Studying particle SED and its evolution with spatially-resolved spectra
 •  F. Acero (Université Montpellier 2, France): A new PWN overlapping the VelaJr SNR [PDF (1.5 MB)]

July 12, Tuesday

Session 3: MAGNETARS
Chairman: Alice Harding
9:00 —  Andrei Beloborodov (Columbia University, USA): Theory of magnetar activity [PDF (12 MB)] [Video (Part I) (66 MB)] [Video (Part II) (50 MB)]
9:40 —  Wim Hermsen (SRON, the Netherlands): Recent progress in observations of magnetars [PDF (3.2 MB)] [Video (Part I) (66 MB)] [Video (Part II) (29 MB)]
10:20 —  Victoria Kaspi (McGill University, Montreal): The radio pulsar/magnetar connection [PDF (2.7 MB)]
10:50 —  Coffee/tea break
Chairman: Wim Hermsen
11:20 —  Dong Lai (Cornell University): "Invisible" magnetic fields of pulsars and magnetars: Observational constraints, Hall cascade and crust breaking [PDF (0.2 MB)] [Video (Part I) (65 MB)] [Video (Part II) (23 MB)]
11:50 —  Roberto Turolla (University of Padova): Is SGR 0418+5729 a waning magnetar? [PDF (2 MB)] [Video (64 MB)]
12:10 —  Daria Teplykh (Pushchino Radio astronomy Observatory): New observations of three AXPs at low radio frequencies
12:30 —  Joachim Trümper (Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics): The quiescent emission of AXPs and SGRs – powered by magnetic field decay or accretion? [PDF (1.9 MB)]
12:50 —  Dmitry Frederiks (Ioffe Institute): Observations of Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters with Konus experiments [PDF (1.3 MB)]
13:10 —  Lunch
Chairman: Roberto Turolla
15:10 —  Rodrigo Fernandez (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton): Probing magnetar magnetospheres with X-ray polarization [Video (63 MB)]
15:30 —  Valery Suleimanov (University of Tübingen): Magnetized neutron star atmospheres: beyond the cold plasma approximation [PDF (14 MB)]
15:50 —  Michael Gabler (Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics): Modulation of magnetar emission by Alfven oscillations of the neutron star [Video (58 MB)]
16:10 —  Caroline R D'Angelo (University of Amsterdam): Flare emission mechanisms in magnetars [PDF (1.6 MB)]
16:30 —  Coffee/tea break
 •  Unal Ertan (Sabanci University, Istanbul): Evolution of SGR 0418+5729
 •  Paul Lasky (University of Tübingen): Magnetic field instabilities in strongly magnetized neutron stars
 •  Pablo Cerda-Duran (Max-Planck-Institut fur Astrophysik): Magneto-elastic oscillations and the damping of crustal shear modes in magnetars
 •  Daniele Viganò (University of Alicante, Spain): Force-free magnetosphere numerical solutions [PDF (1.5 MB)]
 •  Alexander Gvozdev (Yaroslavl State University): Lower bound on magnetic field strength from SGRs 0526-66, 1806-20, 1900+14 giant flares
 •  Sirin Caliskan (Sabanci University, Istanbul): X-ray outbursts of transient anomalous X-ray pulsars and soft gamma-ray repeaters
 •  Alexander Mushtukov (Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo): Relativistic kinetic equation for Compton scattering of polarized radiation in a strong magnetic field
 •  Igor Malov (Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory): Do "magnetars" really exist?
 •  Kazumi Kashiyama (Kyoto University): Magnetar asteroseismology with long-term gravitational waves
 •  Paul Scholz (McGill University, Montreal): The 2009 outburst of magnetar 1E 1547-5408: Persistent radiative and burst properties [PDF (0.5 MB)]
 •  Pavel Boldin (Space Research Institute, Moscow): Magnetar detectability by ART-XC aboard Spektr-RG
 •  Dmitry Rumyantsev (Yaroslavl State University): Resonant axion production in magnetar magnetosphere
 •  Peter Louis Gonthier (Hope College, Holland): Resonant Compton upscattering in high-field pulsars and magnetars [PDF (0.3 MB)]

Chairman: Richard Lovelace
17:00 —  Thomas Janka (MPA, Garching): Mechanisms of supernova explosions [PDF (9.4 MB)]
17:40 —  Sergey Moiseenko (Space Research Institute): Magnetorotational mechanism of core-collapse supernova explosion [PDF (3.8 MB)]
18:10 —  Thierry Foglizzo (CEA Saclay France): A shallow water analog for asymmetric core-collapse, neutron star kick and spin [PDF (1.4 MB)]
18:30 —  End of the session
 •  Ivan Korneev (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics): What kind of fission is more important in the r-process?
 •  Alexey Aksenov (Institute for Computer-Aided Design, Moscow): One dimensional model of the gravitational collapse of the stellar core and the neutrino luminosity
 •  Alessandro Brillante (Goethe U., Frankfurt): Gravitational collapse to third family compact stars [PDF (0.3 MB)]
 •  Timur Fatkhullin (Special Astrophysical Observatory): Ultraluminuos SN2009de: End of evolution of a supermassive star?
 •  Muneeb Rahman (Islamia College, Peshawar, Pakistan): Weak Decay Rates and mechanism of supernova explosions
 •  Alexey Aksenov (Institute for Computer-Aided Design, Moscow): Rotational mechanism of the collapse and the possible gravitational radiation at the rotating stellar core collapse
 •  Melina Bersten (University of Tokyo): Physical and observed parameters of Type II-plateau supernovae
 •  Yury Uvarov (Ioffe Institute): A leptonic model of the SNR RX 1713.7-3946 nonthermal emission
 •  Alexander Moskvitin (Special Astrophysical Observatory): Spectral and photometric monitoring of core-collapsed SNe at SAO RAS
 •  Alexander Kuznetsov (Yaroslavl State U.): Dirac neutrino magnetic moment and possible time evolution of neutrino signal from a supernova

July 13, Wednesday

Chairman: Edward Brown
9:00 —  Dmitry Yakovlev (Ioffe Institute): Evolution of neutron stars
9:40 —  Peter Shternin (Ioffe Institute): Cooling neutron star in the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant: Evidence for superfluidity in the core [PDF (2.3 MB)] [Video (62 MB)]
10:10 —  Sergey Postnikov (Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM): Maximally model independent equation of state for neutron star matter [PDF (10 MB)]
10:30 —  Micaela Oertel (LUTH, CNRS/Observatoire de Paris/Université Paris 7): Collective excitations in the neutron star crust [PDF (0.2 MB)] [Video (64 MB)]
10:50 —  Coffee/tea break
Chairman: Dmitry Yakovlev
11:20 —  Mikhail Gusakov (Ioffe Institute): Decoupling of superfluid and normal pulsation modes in neutron and hyperon stars [PDF (2.3 MB)] [Video (60 MB)]
11:40 —  Denis Baiko (Ioffe Institute): Shear Modulus of Neutron Star Crust [PDF (0.7 MB)]
12:00 —  Andrey Chugunov (Ioffe Institute): Electrical conductivity of the neutron star crust at low temperatures [PDF (3.1 MB)] [Video (60 MB)]
12:20 —  Jerome Novak (CNRS – Observatoire de Paris, Meudon): Relativistic numerical models for stationary superfluid neutron stars [PDF (0.4 MB)] [Video (57 MB)]
12:40 —  End of the session
 •  Elena M. Kantor (Ioffe Institute): Novel mechanism for the variation of braking index in young pulsars
 •  Adam Szmagliński (Cracow U.): Proton localization and magnetic field evolution in dense neutron star matter [PDF (103 KB)]
 •  A.P. Igoshev (Saint-Petersburg U.): New synthetic evolution model of isolated neutron stars: from Main Sequence to dying
 •  Debarati Chatterjee (University of Heidelberg): Effect of bulk viscosity on Tkachenko modes in superfluid neutron stars
 •  Maria Glushikhina (Space Research Institute, Moscow): Global equations for the heat transfer in magnetized neutron stars
 •  Vyacheslav Klimenko (Ioffe Institute): The contribution of longitudinal plasmons to the thermodynamics of dense electron plasma
 •  Tyler Engstrom (Penn State Department of Physics): Towards a phase diagram for accreting neutron star crusts: free energy calculations of close packed lattices
 •  Grigor Alaverdyan (Yerevan State University): Neutron stars in RMF theory with and without scalar-isovector delta-meson field
 •  Andrey Chugunov (Ioffe Institute): Nonradial superfluid modes in oscillating neutron stars
 •  Andrey Kozhberov (Ioffe Institute): Physical features of binary Coulomb crystals [PDF (1.3 MB)]
 •  Alexander Kholtygin (St. Petersburg State University): Statistics of magnetic fields of massive stars, white dwarfs and neutron stars
 •  Gevorg Hajyan (Yerevan State University): Stability valley of strange dwarfs: When can they explode?

Afternoon  —  Excursion to the Hermitage. Boat trip.

July 14, Thursday

Chairman: Sergei Grebenev
9:00 —  Mike Revnivtsev (IKI, Russia): Observations of neutron star in low-mass X-ray binaries [PDF (1.3 MB)] [Video (Part I) (65 MB)] [Video (Part II) (49 MB)]
9:40 —  Rashid Sunyaev (IKI, Russia; MPA, Germany): Theory of boundary/spreading layers [PDF (2.3 MB)] [Video (Part I) (64 MB)] [Video (Part II) (53 MB)]
10:20 —  Rudy Wijnands (University of Amsterdam): Using very-faint X-ray transients to probe ultra dense matter in neutron stars [PDF (2.2 MB)] [Video (Part I) (66 MB)] [Video (Part II) (4 MB)]
10:40 —  Coffee/tea break
Chairman: Rudy Wijnands
11:10 —  Michiel van der Klis (University of Amsterdam): Quasi periodic oscillations [Video (Part I) (63 MB)] [Video (Part II) (33 MB)]
11:40 —  Nathalie Degenaar (University of Amsterdam): New observational results on neutron star crust cooling in transient X-ray binaries [PDF (4.8 MB)] [Video (54 MB)]
12:00 — Jerome Petri (Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg, France): Constraining the mass and moment of inertia of neutron stars from quasi-periodic oscillations in X-ray binaries [PDF (0.6 MB)] [Video (56 MB)]
12:20 —  Antonino D'Ai (University of Palermo): X-ray spectroscopy of X 1822-371: when the accreting neutron star lies hidden [PDF (1.7 MB)]
12:40 —  Lunch
 •  Morgane Fortin (CAMK & LUTH, Warsaw & Meudon): Modeling the thermal properties of quasi-persistent neutron star X-ray binaries [PDF (210 KB)]
 •  Artem Prosvetov (MIPT, IKI): Comparative analysis of GX 339-4 and AQL X-1 outbursts
 •  Gulizar Gencoglu (University of Ege, Turkey): A study on the evolutionary paths of LMXBs

Session 7: X-RAY BURSTS
Chairman: Sergei Popov
14:40 —  Edward Brown (Michigan State University, USA): Theory of X-ray bursts, long bursts and superbursts [PDF (10.9 MB)] [Video (Part I) (67 MB)] [Video (Part II) (41 MB)]
15:20 —  Jérôme Chenevez (DTU Space, Copenhagen): INTEGRAL observations of long X-ray bursts [PDF (1.3 MB)] [Video (58 MB)]
15:40 —  Manuel Linares (MIT, Cambridge, USA): On the cooling tails of thermonuclear X-ray bursts: News from Terzan 5 [PDF (1.7 MB)] [Video (60 MB)]
16:00 —  Guo-Bao Zhang (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Groningen): Spectral evolution of X-ray bursts in LMXB 4U 1636-53 [PDF (1.2 MB)] [Video (41 MB)]
16:20 —  Coffee/tea break
Chairman: Alexander Potekhin
16:50 —  Juri Poutanen (University of Oulu): New advances in spectral modeling of X-ray bursts: constraining neutron star radii [PDF (7.7 MB)] [Video (Part I) (49 MB)] [Video (Part II) (10 MB)]
17:30 —  Stratos Boutloukos (University of Tübingen): New constraints on thermonuclear bursts from the highest precision X-ray spectra [PDF (0.3 MB)]
17:50 —  Agnieszka Majczyna (Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Warsaw): Determination of fundamental parameters of neutron star in MXB 1728-34 from fitting of burst spectra by the ATM model atmospheres [PDF (2.1 MB)]
18:10 —  End of the session

19:00–21:00  —  Conference dinner.

July 15, Friday

Chairman: Juri Poutanen
9:00 —  Alessandro Patruno (University of Amsterdam): Observations of accreting millisecond pulsars [PDF (4.7 MB)] [Video (Part I) (66 MB)] [Video (Part II) (56 MB)] [Video (Part III) (23 MB)]
9:40 —  Konstantin Postnov (Moscow University, Russia): X-ray pulsars [PDF (2 MB)] [Video (Part I) (35 MB)] [Video (Part II) (65 MB)] [Video (Part III) (55 MB)]
10:20 —  Coffee/tea break
Chairman: Konstantin Postnov
11:10 —  Sergei Grebenev (Space Research Institute): Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients and other wind-fed accretors - testing with the Corbet diagram [PDF (1 MB)] [Video (65 MB)]
11:30 —  Marina Romanova (Cornell University, USA): Modeling of accreting millisecond pulsars [Video (Part I) (66 MB)] [Video (Part II) (32 MB)]
12:10 —  Richard Lovelace (Cornell University): Accretion in the magnetic propeller regime [PDF (2.3 MB)] [Video (Part I) (66 MB)] [Video (Part II) (2 MB)]
12:30 — Ramanpreet Kaur (University of Amsterdam): The true nature of seven enigmatic faint persistent slow X-ray pulsators [PDF (8 MB)] [Video (58 MB)]
12:50 —  Lunch
 •  Evgeny Derishev (Institute of Applied Physics): Principal physical effects in gyroresonant radiation transfer
 •  Olga Toropina (Space Research Institute): Bondi-Hoyle accretion on magnetized neutron star
 •  Sergey Tarasov (IKI RAN, MEPHI): Non-equilibrium layer of neutron stars
 •  Alexander Kaurov (St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University): Observations of accreting pulsars with Konus-Wind [PDF (1.3 MB)]
 •  Mikhail Garasyov (Institute of Applied Physics): Spectral and statistical properties of gyroresonant radiation from compact stars
 •  Rüdiger Staubert (University of Tübingen): New insights into the physics at work in the accreting binary pulsar Her X-1 [PDF (0.4 MB)]
 •  Suzan Dogan (University of Ege, Izmir, Turkey): Disk-magnetosphere interaction in neutron stars
 •  Anna Chashkina (Sternberg Astronomical Institute): Magnetic field estimates for accreting neutron stars in massive binary systems and models of magnetic field decay [PDF (67 KB)]
 •  Jari Kajava (University of Oulu): Evidence for a varying disc-magnetosphere coupling in the 2008 outburst of SAX J1808.4-3658

Chairman: Oleg Kargaltsev
14:50 —  Craig Heinke (University of Alberta, Canada): Observations of compact central objects [PDF (7.2 MB)] [Video (Part I) (66 MB)] [Video (Part II) (43 MB)]
15:30 —  David Kaplan (MIT): Observations of isolated neutron stars [PDF (11 MB)] [Video (Part I) (65 MB)] [Video (Part II) (56 MB)]
16:10 —  Sergei Popov (Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow): Evolution and observational appearance of isolated neutron stars with decaying magnetic fields [PDF (1.5 MB)] [Video (Part I) (59 MB)] [Video (Part II) (4 MB)]
16:30 —  Coffee/tea break
Chairman: David Kaplan
17:00 —  Alexander Potekhin (Ioffe Institute): Theory of thermal radiation from isolated neutron stars [PDF (2 MB)] [Video (Part I) (67 MB)] [Video (Part II) (44 MB)]
17:40 —  Adriana Mancini Pires (Astrophysical Institute Potsdam): First dedicated XMM-Newton and ESO-VLT observations of the isolated neutron star in the Carina Nebula (2XMM J104608.7-594306) [PDF (8.6 MB)] [Video (63 MB)]
18:00 —  Atish P Kamble (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee): New optical/UV counterparts and the spectral energy distributions of nearby, thermally emitting, isolated neutron stars [PDF (6 MB)] [Video (45 MB)]
 •  Daria Teplykh (Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory): New data on profiles and dynamic spectra of two XDINS at low radio frequencies [PDF (2.5 MB)]
 •  Andrey Danilenko (Ioffe Institute): The Vela and Geminga pulsars in the mid-infrared
 •  Aida Kirichenko (Ioffe Institute): A likely optical counterpart of the PSR J1357-6429

 •  Alexei Pozanenko (Space Research Institute): Model of extended emission of short Gamma-ray Bursts


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