Ioffe Institute International Conference
Physics of Neutron Stars – 2014
commemorating the 100th birthday of Yakov Borisovich Zel'dovich

July 28 — August 1, 2014, St. Petersburg, Russia


Oral and poster presentations

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Summary of the Program
July 28, Monday July 29, Tuesday July 30, Wednesday July 31, Thursday August 1, Friday
09:10  Opening Superfluidity, glitches
Pulsars 1 Magnetars Bursters, transients Structure, thermal evolution 09:00  Gusakov
09:15  Mereghetti 09:00  Rea 09:00  Galloway 09:00  Nice 09:35  Espinoza
09:50  Pierbattista 09:35  Younes 09:35  Popov 09:35  Haensel 10:10  Antonopoulou
10:20  Shibanov 10:05  Hascoet 10:00  Postnov 10:10  Page 10:30  Reisenegger
10:45  break 10:30  break 10:20  break 10:45  break 11:00  break
10:50  Brown Accretion 1
11:15  Kuiper 11:05  Pons 11:25  Wijnands 11:15  Kaplan 11:30  Patruno
11:50  Hermsen 11:40  Link 12:00  Suleimanov 11:50  Fortin 12:05  Grebenev
12:15  Turolla 12:10  Ikhsanov 12:20  Zhang 12:15  Kaminker 12:30  Russel
12:40  Danilenko 12:35  Pustil'nik 12:40  Bahramian 12:40  Beznogov 12:50  Mushtukov
13:00    Lunch 13:00    Lunch 13:00    Lunch 13:00    Lunch 13:10    Lunch
Pulsars 2 Magnetospheres Excursion
(start at 14:00)
SNe and PWNe Accretion 2
15:00  Mignani 15:00  Philippov 15:00  Leibundgut 15:00  Cumming
15:25  Kondratiev 15:25  Beskin 15:35  Kargaltsev 15:35  Gilfanov
15:50  Pilia 15:45  Timokhin 16:00  Kuranov
16:10  Bilous 16:10  Petri
16:30    break 16:30    break 16:10    break 16:20    break
17:00  Egron Magnetic fields 16:40  Posselt
17:20  Arumugasamy 17:00  Rangelov 16:50  Ferrigno
17:40  Derishev 17:30  Bucciantini 17:20  Grudzinska 17:15  Konar
18:00  Igoshev 17:50  Mitchell 17:40  Uvarov 17:35  Chugunov
18:20    end 18:10 — 20:10
Informal poster session
19:00 — 23:00
18:00    Closing

Detailed program

[summary is above]

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(i) Invited talks, 35 minutes (including discussion)
Others - contributed talks, 20-30 min. (including discussion)

July 28, Monday

9:10 — Opening

Pulsars 1
Chair: G.G. Pavlov
09:15 —  S. Mereghetti (i). X-ray emission from isolated pulsars (7.22 MB)
09:50 —  M. Pierbattista. Radio- and gamma-ray light-curve morphology of young pulsars
10:20 —  Yu.A. Shibanov. Gamma-ray pulsars in the optical and infrared
10:45 —  Coffee break
Chair: S. Mereghetti
11:15 —  L. Kuiper (i). The soft gamma-ray pulsar population (4.87 MB)
11:50 —  W. Hermsen. Simultaneous XMM-Newton Radio observations of the mode-switching radio pulsar PSR B1822-09 (5.06 MB)
12:15 —  R. Turolla. The variable X-ray emission of PSR B0943+10 (0.46 MB)
12:40 —  A.A. Danilenko. The first Fermi pulsar with an X-ray spectral feature
13:00 —  Lunch

Pulsars 2
Chair: W. Hermsen
15:00 —  R. Mignani. Pulsar Polarimetry
15:25 —  V.I. Kondratiev. Millisecond pulsars at low frequencies with LOFAR (16.1 MB)
15:50 —  M. Pilia. Low-Frequency Evolution of Pulsar Profiles with LOFAR (2.03 MB)
16:10 —  A.V. Bilous. LOFAR's view on PSR B0943+10
16:30 —  Coffee break
Chair: I.F. Malov
17:00 —  E. Egron. Spectral analysis of the Double Pulsar PSR J0737-3039 with XMM-Newton (2.26 MB)
17:20 —  P. Arumugasamy. X-ray timing and spectral analysis of the old gamma-ray pulsar J1836+5925 (link to online presentation)
17:40 —  E.V. Derishev. Pair production feedback in pulsar - massive star binaries
18:00 —  A.P. Igoshev. Comprehensive analysis of pulsars velocity distribution
18:20 —  End of the session

July 29, Tuesday

Chair: R. Turolla
09:00 —  N. Rea (i). The extreme activity of high and low magnetic field magnetars
09:35 —  G. Younes. Spectral evolution of magnetars bright bursts
10:05 —  R. Hascoet. X-ray emission mechanisms in magnetars
10:30 —  Coffee break
Chair: S.B. Popov
11:05 —  J. Pons (i). Evolution of strongly magnetized neutron stars: The path from magnetars to normal pulsars (8.32 MB)
11:40 —  B. Link. Constraining the origin of magnetar flares (1.08 MB)
12:10 —  N.R. Ikhsanov. A new look at the Anomalous X-ray Pulsars (7.43 MB)
12:35 —  L.A. Pustil'nik. Spin evolution of pulsars challenges conventional accretion scenarios (13.5 MB)
13:00 —  Lunch

Pulsar magnetospheres
Chair: A.Y. Potekhin
15:00 — A. Philippov. Recent advances in modeling pulsar magnetosphere
15:25 —  V.S. Beskin. Radio pulsars: 30 years after (2.55 MB)
15:45 —  A. Timokhin. Plasma generation in pulsar polar caps: a modern view
16:10 —  J. Petri. Towards general relativistic pulsar magnetospheres (2.22 MB)
16:30 —  Coffee break

Magnetic structure and evolution
Chair: J. Pons
17:25 —  N. Bucciantini. Modeling magnetized neutron stars in General Relativity
17:45 —  J.P. Mitchell. Search for stable magnetic equilibria in barotropic stars
18:10 — 20:10 —  Wine, snack, informal poster session

July 30, Wednesday

Bursters and transients
Chair: G. Younes
9:00 — D. Galloway (i). Observations of X-ray bursters (4.14 MB)
9:35 — S.B. Popov. Radio transients and neutron stars (2.22 MB)
10:00 — K.A. Postnov. Nature of bright flares in supergiant fast X-ray transients (1.67 MB)
10:20 —  Coffee break
Chair: A. Cumming
10:50 — E. Brown (i). Soft X-ray transients (4.53 MB)
11:25 — R. Wijnands (i). Cooling of accretion heated neutron stars (2.77 MB)
12:00 — V.F. Suleimanov. Spectra of rapidly rotating bursting neutron stars
12:20 — G. Zhang. Strong evidence for a link between coherent oscillations and the apparent emission area during the thermonuclear bursts
12:40 — A. Bahramian. Discovery of the Third Transient X-Ray Binary in the Galactic Globular Cluster Terzan 5 (4.17 MB)
13:00 —  Lunch

Afternoon  —  Excursion:
14:00  —  Boarding the buses in front of the conference building

July 31, Thursday

Structure and thermal evolution
Chair: D.G. Yakovlev
09:00 — D. Nice (i). Measurements of neutron star masses (13.7 MB)
09:35 — P. Haensel (i). Maximum pulsar mass and structure of neutron-star core
10:10 — D. Page (i). Theory of neutron star thermal evolution
10:45 —  Coffee break
Chair: N. Rea
11:15 — D. Kaplan (i). Nearby, thermally emitting neutron stars
11:50 — M. Fortin. Thermal evolution of neutron stars with a hyperonic equation of state
12:15 — A.D. Kaminker. Thermal emission of neutron stars with internal heaters (1.87 MB)
12:40 — M.V. Beznogov. Diffusion currents and diffusion coefficients in dense stellar matter (5.31 MB)
13:00 —  Lunch

Supernovae and pulsar wind nebulae
Chair: D.K. Nadyozhin
15:00 — B. Leibundgut (i). Supernova explosions and neutron stars (9.45 MB)
15:35 — O. Kargaltsev (i). Multiwavelength observations of pulsar wind nebulae
16:10 —  Coffee break
Chair: O. Kargaltsev
16:40 — B. Posselt. Geminga and PSR B1055-52: similar pulsars, different PWNe
17:00 — B. Rangelov. The far-UV bow shock of the nearest millisecond pulsar J0437-4715
17:20 — M. Grudzinska. Modeling of spectra from TeV binaries with pulsars (1.10 MB)
17:40 — Y.A. Uvarov. A model of gamma ray flare generation in PWN
18:00 —  End of the session

19:00 — 23:00 —  Conference dinner.
19:30 — 20:00 —  S.I. Blinnikov (special talk). The Genius, the friend of paradoxes
20:00 — 22:00 —  Live music

August 1, Friday

Superfluidity, glitches
Chair: A. Reisenegger
09:00 — M.E. Gusakov (i). Superfluid neutron stars
09:35 — C.M. Espinoza (i). Glitches and timing noise (8.64 MB)
10:10 — D. Antonopoulou. Neutron star glitches: is there a minimum size?
10:30 —  A. Reisenegger. Magnetic field evolution in neutron stars
11:00 —  Coffee break

Accretion phenomena 1
Chair: K.A. Postnov
11:30 — A. Patruno (i). Observations of Accretion Powered X-Ray Pulsars
12:05 — S.A. Grebenev. New populations of high mass X-ray binaries with neutron stars
12:30 — D. Russel. Jets launched from accreting neutron stars: their power and their magnetic fields
12:50 — A.A. Mushtukov. X-ray pulsars: on the verge of a final understanding
13:10 —  Lunch

Accretion phenomena 2
Chair: S.A. Grebenev
15:00 — A. Cumming (i). Nuclear burning on accreting neutron stars (4.62 MB)
15:35 — M.R. Gilfanov. Accretion disk boundary layers around neutron stars.
16:00 — A.G. Kuranov. Modeling the luminosity function of Galactic Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries (2.02 MB)
16:20 —  Coffee break
Chair: L.A. Pustil'nik
16:50 — C. Ferrigno. IGR J18245-2452: the first pulsar swinging between rotation and accretion powered emission (6.79 MB)
17:15 — S. Konar. AMXP to MSRP: Transition (mis-)understood?
17:35 — A.I. Chugunov. «Hot widows»/HOFNARs: New possible class of rapidly rotating neutron stars

18:00 —  Closing of the conference


The number of a poster is the number of the board to place it.

1.MarceloAlloyMass radius relation of compact stars in the braneworld
2.DavidAlvarez-CastilloThe nuclear symmetry energy and the neutron star radius
3.LevArzamasskiyTowards radio pulsar evolution theory (1.25 MB)
4.DenisBaikoScreening corrections to the elastic moduli of neutron star crust
5.DmitryBarsukovThe influence of small scale magnetic field on the polar cap X-ray luminosity of old radio pulsars (0.59 MB)
6.OnurBenliLong-term evolution and X-ray enhancement of Swift J1822.3-1606
7.MohsenBigdeliLOCV approach and core-crust transition in neutron stars
8.SergeyBlinnikovStars from the very early universe
9.AlexDeibelHow unique is the crust of an accreting neutron star? A multicomponent study
10.VasiliyDommesAn approximate method to study oscillations of superfluid hyperon stars (0.57 MB)
11.YanaDoroninaOn the mass distribution of black holes and neutron stars
12.BrojaDuttaHigh Frequency Quasi Periodic Oscillations in low-mass X-ray binary systems
13.UnalErtan«Low-B Magnetars», «High-B Radio Pulsars» and Dim Isolated Neutron Stars: Long-term evolution and radio emission properties (0.45 MB)
14.AntheaFantinaProperties of nuclear matter and neutron stars with unified equations of state
15.ApratimGangulyNeutron Stars in the Starobinsky model
16.MikhailGarasyovModeling of cyclotron lines in the spectra of isolated neutron stars (0.80 MB)
17.VeronikaGlobinaOn the origin of pulsar-like white dwarfs (0.17 MB)
18.AleksandrGruzdevFeatures of steady states of collisionless plasma layer with counterstreaming electron-positron beams (1.93 MB)
19.HaykHakobyanDetermination of the pulsar image in the picture plane
20.ElenaKantorHigh frequency g-modes in superfluid neutron stars
21.AnnaKarpovaThermal properties of the middle-aged pulsar J1741?2054
22.AlexanderKholtyginMagnetic field of neutron star precursors: Wolf-Rayet stars
23.SergeiKiikovMagnetocavitation mechanism of jet generation from accreting magnetar
24.SergeiKiikovInvestigation of the interaction between the two-flow magnetar jet and the interstellar medium
25.VitaliyKimEvidence for magneto-levitation accretion in the 6.7h isolated X-ray pulsar 1E 161348-5055
26.SushanKonarRadio pulsar recycling : The HMXB question
27.VladimirKondratyevSoft Gamma-Ray Bursts as magnetoemission of junior magnetar crusts (1.25 MB)
28.VictorKontorovichElectromagnetic tornado semiclassical quantization and origin of the bands in the giant pulses frequency spectrum of the Crab pulsar (0.49 MB)
29.AndrewKozhberovCoulomb crystal mixtures in white dwarf cores and neutron star crusts
30.AlexanderKuznetsovCreation of electron-positron pairs at excited Landau levels by a neutrino in a strong magnetic field (0.53 MB)
31.AgnieszkaMajczynaAccuracy of surface gravity and gravitational redshift determination for neutron stars in X-ray bursters from simulated LOFT spectra (3.23 MB)
32.ValeryMalofeevDetection of radio emission of 59 ms pulsar J141256.0+792204 (Calvera)
33.IgorMalovOn radio emission of anomalous pulsars (0.36 MB)
34.DmitrijNagirnerSynchrotron radiation by ultra- and moderate relativistic electrons
35.JoonasNattilaHeavy metal neutron star atmospheres (0.17 MB)
36.StephenNgHigh-energy emission of PSR B1937+21 (1.33 MB)
37.ElenaNikitinaThe structure of the magnetosphere of radio pulsars with interpulses (1.13 MB)
38.DmitriiOfengeimAnalytic approximations for electron-nucleus bremsstrahlung neutrino emissivity in a neutron star crust of any composition (1.42 MB) [Notes to the poster (0.06 MB)]
39.IgorPanovSpontaneous Fission and Production of Cosmochronometer Nuclei in the r-process
40.KonstantinPavlovskiiMass loss rates in X-ray binaries simulated by MESA
41.QiuhePengThe Physics of Magnetars and Their Astrophysical Significance (0.89 MB)
42.JeromePetriPhase-resolved polarization properties of the pulsar striped wind synchrotron emission
43.MonikaPienkosThe maximum neutron star mass and the role of the enhanced vector meson interactions (0.59 MB)
44.VadimProkofevOn the asymptotic structure of the pulsar wind (0.60 MB)
45.ArtemProsvetovLFN, QPO and fractal dimension of light curves from X-ray binaries (0.49 MB)
46.GuillermoRodriguez CastilloTaking The Pulse of Transient Magnetars: Connecting Their Long-term Spectral and Timing X-ray Properties
47.DmitryRumyantsevResonant mechanism of e+e pair production in a strong magnetic field (0.67 MB)
48.AndreySemenaOn the thickness of accretion curtains on magnetized compact objects from analysis of their fast aperiodic time variability.
49.PetrShterninTransport coefficients of nuclear matter in neutron star cores in BHF framework
50.TatianaSmirnovaStudy of scattering material with RadioAstron-VLBI observations (0.52 MB)
51.SergeyZharikovRadiation efficiencies of the pulsars (current update) (2.03 MB)
52.ShutaTanakaConstraint of pulsar wind properties from induced Compton scattering off radio pulses (5.61 MB)
53.DariaTeplykhThe flare activity of PSR J0653+8051 (1.54 MB)
54.HaoTongAnti-glitch of magnetars in the wind braking scenario
55.AnatolyTsyganDifferential rotation of neutron star polar caps (0.40 MB)
56.SergeyTsygankovPower spectra of transient X-ray pulsars: observational manifestation of the disk-magnetosphere interaction
57.DmitriUzdenskyReconnection in neutron star magnetospheres
58.Cornelisvan EysdenShort-period pulsar oscillations following a glitch
59.GeorgeYounesXMM-Newton view of the best candidate magnetar wind nebula
60.CongYuMagnetar giant flares and their precursors — Flux rope eruptions with current sheets
61.AndreyYudinOn some properties of hybrid stars (1.14 MB)
62.XiaZhouThe role of magnetic damping in the r-mode evolution of accreting neutron stars
63.OlegGoglichidzeThe spin evolution of the pulsars with non-rigid core
64.RiccardoBelvedereStatic and rotating neutron stars in a General Relativistic formulation of all fundamental interactions (0.19 MB)
65.RiccardoBelvedereAstrophysical consequences of a General Relativistic formulation of neutron stars taking into account all fundamental interactions

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